Tri-State Membership Information

We’re so exited to partner with Melody Hill Country Club in Glocester, Rhode Island and Dudley Hill Golf Club in Dudley, MA! These new partnerships provides us with the opportunity to offer a brand new membership that serves the greater New England Area.

If you are interested in learning more or signing up today please contact us at: or via phone at 860-336-7140 or 860-923- 9591 extension 4.

The Tri-State Membership offers unique pricing for men, women, seniors 65 and over, families and junior players.

  • Men $1325.00
  • Women: $1125.00
  • Seniors 65+ (men & women): $920.00
  • Family/Couples: $2200.00
  • Juniors (18 and under): $1125.00

*prices above include taxes


Attention *new members! If you purchase a Tri-State Membership between now and April 1st, 2017 you’ll receive a  2016 Taylor Made M2 Driver! That’s right, any Tri-State Membership purchased between now and April 1st will put a new Taylor Made M2 Driver in your hands.


TMM2New Members are qualified as individuals or families that have not been a member of Raceway Golf, Melody Hill or Dudley Hill within the past 5 years. If you have been members at any of the Tri-State courses within the past 5 years, we have a special offer for you too! If you upgrade (To Tri-State) your membership by April 1st, 2017 you’ll receive a $150 gift-card to The Golfers Warehouse in Cranston, R.I., Hartford C.T., Braintree, M.A., Auburn, M.A., and Danvers M.A., Gift cards must be picked up at the Raceway Restaurant in Thompson, C.T. 

** Promotions cannot be combined. If you purchased your single club membership during any of the clubs’ previous 2016/2017 promotions, you are not eligible to receive the gift card if you upgrade to the Tri-State Membership. 

To receive your Taylor Made M2 Driver, you will pick up a gift-card at Raceway Restaurant that can be redeemed for your driver at Golfers Warehouse in Cranston, R.I, Hartford C.T., Braintree, M.A., Auburn, M.A., and Danvers M.A.,


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